pneumatic dispenser Airflow 3 combi

pneumatic dispenser Airflow 3 combi 310/K and 600/F

perfect technology - means great benefits for you

Professional pneumatic applicators for sachets and cartridges - for smooth, continuous sealant application with maximum control.

packaging can be used for approx. 310ml cartridges and sachets up to approx. 600ml
special features
  • weight: 993 gr
  • ergonomic design, compact method of construction (464x68x251 mm)
  • easy single-handed operation for non-fatiguing work even over extended periods of time
  • optimum focus
  • variable speed regulator for precise control and smooth material flow
    standard 6.8 bar (100 psi)
    options available: 3.4 bar (50 psi), 5.2 bar (75 psi), 8.5 bar (125 psi)
  • exhaust valve - rapid depressureisation when trigger is released
  • engineered for durability
  • maximum thrust: 1.5 KN
  • good chemical resistance of the plastic parts
  • Instant discharge of air: sealant stops immediately
  • maximum input pressure: 10bar (145 psi)
  • floating plunger assembly compresses the sachet to force sealant out of the nozzle
  • certificates: ISO, REACH, CE, EN
  • a large range of steel- and plastic nozzles available
target groups among others: specialist groups involved in the general building and interior industry as well as the construction industry itself; car manufacturing trade and industry; automotive aftermarket; window and door manufacturing, glass construction, winter gardens, aquarium construction, etc.

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