cordless dispenser BKO-600/KF

cordless dispenser type BKO-600/KF & BKO-400/KF

perfect technology - means great benefits for you

packaging (type BKO-600/KF) can be used for: cartridges: approx. 310 ml and
sachets: up to approx. 600 ml
technical data (type BKO-600/KF) weightapprox. 2,6 kg (with battery)
lengthapprox. 580 mm
powerapprox. 2250 N (225 kgf)
batteryLithium Ionen 18 Volt/1,5 Ah with charge level indicator
charger45 min quick battery charger
rod speed: potentiometer - stepless adjustable - depends upon needed flow rate and viscosity of the adhesive/sealant
no-load speed: 1 - 5,5mm/sec
special features
  • cordless operation
  • transparent barrel: the fill volume and the operability of the piston can be constantly verified visually
  • high degree of shock resistance and very good outdoor weathering resistance
  • solvent resistant
  • CE-certified
  • automatic return of the piston rod when pressure on the trigger is relieved, thus preventing any after-flow of the sealing compound resp. adhesive
  • electronic speed regulation guarantees differing feed speeds depending on the desired material throughput
  • power: strong enough to replace mains-dependent sealant and adhesive applicators
  • design: compact construction, ergonomic design and easy single-handed operation for non-fatiguing work even over extended periods of time
target groups among others: specialist groups involved in the general building and interior industry as well as the construction industry itself; car manufacturing trade and industry; automotive aftermarket; window and door manufacturing, glass construction, winter gardens, aquarium construction, etc.

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