Adjustable cartridge preheater

Adjustable cartridge preheater

model KVG-2/D suitable for heating up 2 approx. 300 ml aluminium cartridges at the same time

Supply voltage 230V AC,1 A
Power consumption 230 W
Configurable operating temperature max. 160°C
Temperature adjustment range 0°C… 160°C
Heating components electrical silicone flat heating
Additional components Electronic controllers with adjustable target temperature,
On/Off switch with indicator light
Protection Controller with M 400mA fuse, heating with M1 A-fuse
Weight 2,85 kg
Extent of delivery cartridge preheater, electric mains cord, operating instructions

Important stick absolutely to the advised heat up time (e. g. at least 30 min at 65°C) given by the manufacturer.

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